To contact Blake to speak at your event, email him or send him a message on Facebook or Twitter. He is proud to serve the community by volunteering his time at events throughout the Fort Wayne area. Engagements will be structured to meet all needs of the event. Humor. Discipline. Loyalty. History. Faith. Family. Sports. Tradition.

There is no fee for most events and book signings are welcome. If you would like him to speak at your next business, book club, charity, church or sports event, contact Blake today.

Mr. Sebring is very passionate about his career choice. He has been very accessible to schools and students in the Fort Wayne area. Mr. Sebring has participated in schools mentoring programs and career awareness programs. Speaking to young people is a top priority for Mr. Sebring. Our students appreciate his honest and frankness. Mr. Sebring enjoys the opportunity to be part of the educational process. As an educational partner, I really value and respect Mr. Sebring`s participation in public schools.
Dr. Neal Brown III
Principal, Leo Jr./Sr. High School


It takes a brave soul to offer a first novel to the members of the Moylan Literary Society for its monthly book discussion group. We all found Blake to be very funny and very smart. Blake’s first novel, The Lake Effect, is a wonderful book to assign to a book discussion group. The premise that each of us will have a Lake Effect Moment (a moment in time where we recognize that we are now an adult) provided a discussion topic that generated a very interesting and lively discussion. All but one member was able to vividly recall her Lake Effect Moment. At the conclusion of our meeting, we all left the event with an appreciation of Blake’s humor, our shared experiences, and highest regard for Blake’s ability to singlehandedly manage a discussion among the 20 woman of the Moylan Literary Society for over a 90-minute period.

Linda M. Anderson
Media, Pennsylvania

I had the pleasure of meeting Blake through the Fort Wayne News Sentinel/Komets Student Reporter program, a program that allows aspiring journalists to shadow Blake during a game and observe his process. Since that initial opportunity I have been able to work with him a number of times, each time learning more than the last. He has quickly become much more than a mentor to me. Blake reaches out to me on a regular basis offering critiques of my work as well as valuable learning opportunities. Before I met Blake I liked journalism; after meeting him I love journalism.

Colby Johnson Shoup
Homestead High School


I had Blake Sebring talk to my high school students about writing, publishing, and interviewing. He was professional yet relaxed and on their level. He welcomed questions, and open discussion time. He was energetic, funny, poised, and passionate. Mr. Sebring was willing to stay all day in order to reach all of my students. He never seemed to tire of some of the redundant questions, and encouraged all of my students to write. He explained how to begin the process, how to overcome writer's block, and how to persevere in the publishing world. He used stories that they were not only interested in but that were relevant. My students were really impressed with his success and his work ethic, and they talked about his visit off and on for the remainder of the semester. He is an awesome speaker.

Mindy Hipskind
Woodlan High School teacher